A Woman’s Place is in the Cannabis Industry

Canada has had a very strong female influence over the years of prohibition.

By John Hiltz of marijuana.com.

Campbell goes on to explain why her organization is vital to the cannabis industry in Canada. “Gender inequity is not unique to cannabis, although in the US women are leading the way with 36% of cannabis industry executives being female. By contrast of the 30+ Health Canada licensed producers in Canada, most are led by men, including the newly rebranded industry association Cannabis Canada which has an all male board of directors. Women Grow’s goal is to highlight the work women are doing in the space, as many of the original cannabis businesses were started by women.”

Another little-known fact about the history of cannabis in Canada, it includes a very strong female influence over the years of prohibition. “The very first compassion club in Canada was founded by cannabis advocate Hilary Black, and the longest standing lounge in Canada was founded by local Toronto entrepreneur Abi Roach. Neither compassion clubs or lounges have been included in Health Canada’s regulatory framework for medical cannabis, and they are under threat of being shut down by new provincial legislation in Ontario. If the cannabis industry wants to include women, it should not be lobbying to shut down the businesses they’ve built for over 15 years. If it was not for these women starting their businesses, the cannabis industry in Canada would not be where it is today.”

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