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Maine Clone Company is a woman-owned and woman-operated business located in central Maine. We have been licensed Maine caregivers since 2012, and we have personally worked with every strain that we have available. Genetics have been our niche and our greatest area of interest in this industry, and over the years we have carefully selected the strains with the highest potential in terms of potency, consumer appeal, yield, and vigor. We know you will not be disappointed and we are proud to pass along these genetics, along with the many others to come!

Our cloning process begins with the mother plant. The cuttings that we select from our strongest mothers go through a 10-14 days rooting process; afterwards, they are transplanted into a soil medium to finish rooting. Whether you grow in soil or hydroponically, our clone delivery system is designed to transfer into your grow medium of choice. If you would like a clone that is bare roots, just let us know when you place your order. We choose not to amend our grow medium with nutrients; by only using PH-neutral water we are able to keep the transition from our grow to yours as seamless as possible.

Maine Clone Company is capable of serving grows of all sizes. We keep a moderate stock of clones on the shelves at all times, and for larger grows we are happy to take customized pre-orders that meet your needs.

We are also happy to announce our partnership with Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics. We offer sealed breeders packs direct from the source!

Lastly, we ask you to be a responsible grower by quarantining any new clones coming into your garden for 10-14 days. We are certain that our facility is both clean and meticulously operated; however, it is of the utmost importance that you practice due diligence in assuring the cleanliness of your own grow.

Maine Clone Company complies with the rules and regulations set forth by the state of Maine and MMMP. We offer genetic consultation for every strain that we carry. We accept donations only.

Contact us with any questions at, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook @maineclonecompany!

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